Serial Casting

Eli began the first phase of a procedure called serial casting.

“Serial casting is a noninvasive procedure that helps children and adults improve their range of motion so they can perform daily activities with less difficulty. It is a process in which a well-padded cast is used to immobilize a joint that is lacking full range of motion. The cast will be applied and removed on a weekly basis. Each cast gradually increases the range of motion in the affected joint.”

Our only previous experience with this procedure was in 2003 when Eli was still in the PICU immediately after the accident.  He absolutely hated the experience then, so Mom wasn’t sure how well this would go.  Mandy, his therapist, wisely allowed Eli to pick the cast color.  He wanted Sky Blue, so he got a shade of blue that is not quite like the sky, but close enough to satisfy him.    At one point as the cast was being put on, he looked very sad.  The therapist asked if he was o.k. and he replied, “Yeah, it just hurts a little, that’s why I have this sad face.  But I’m sure I’ll get used to it.”  He was so brave and handled it like a tough guy.   He has his left foot in a cast now and he’s adjusting to it fairly well.

Next week his therapist will remove the cast and determine whether or not to cast it again or move on to the right foot.  Our prayer is that this will help Eli to walk easier and help to prevent further damage to his foot structure and the need for surgical correction.


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  • Beverly

    He’s a brave young man to try new things. No one would enjoy a cast, but I’m sure he makes the best of it just as he does with everything. Love this young man! He is so awesome! Not a bad family either. :-)

    • Tricia Tiller

      Beverly, you have given us so much encouragement and we really appreciate it! Thank you!