Our Texas Trip by Eli Tiller

When we went to Texas we flew on a plane.  I have ridden on a plane before to Disney World three times!  We also went through security and that was no fun. Since I was in a wheelchair, they had to hand check me just to make sure I was all good for the plane [...]

Autumn Whirlwind

In my mind, I’ve been writing posts for weeks now.  We’ve had so much going on that I want to share!  Unfortunately, it never made it from my mind to the website.  So, rather than writing a 5 page monster of a blog, I’m going to hit the highlights of the last month or so. [...]

Just Released! Eli’s Debut CD: Nothing Is Impossible

Eli has loved music all of his life.  He loves to sing country music and worship music.  We have received countless testimonials that he inspires people when he sings.  Over the past few years he’s been writing lyrics to his own original songs.  Today we are releasing his debut CD (actually three-song EP) of original [...]

Progress In Action

Eli continues to amaze me with his positive attitude and determination!  Several days ago, the staples in his head were removed, and the remaining scar is almost hidden underneath his growing hair.  Our concerns that he may be wheelchair bound more often than not, seem to be behind us!  Eli is getting around the house [...]

Eli Art – Summer

Eli says, “This picture makes me think of summer.  I like it because it’s so colorful.  If you look closely, you can find: a house, table, apple, pear, goldfish (crackers), tree, kites, butterfly, the sun, shapes, colorful lines, a bear named Kacky, and a lion named David.”   Eli says, “This picture makes me think [...]

5 Ways To Show Up and Give Up

This weekend I was privileged to deliver the message at my home church, PCC, during a series called Close Encounters.   I shared an account of how the Jesus feeding the 5000 might have looked from the perspective of the boy whose meal He used to perform this miracle.  From this story, I encouraged folks that [...]