Missed Opportunities

Giving in to my own fears is so normal for me, that I often don’t even realize I’ve done it.  Recently, I was lamenting one such time in my early teens.  Yes, it took me almost 20 years to realize I missed an opportunity because of my own fear!  It all started in First Grade [...]

John Returns to Real Estate While Tiller Family Ministries Grows

1-Speaking - JT2

Almost two years ago, God called me to leave my real estate business and launch Tiller Family Ministries.  Now it’s time to return to my real estate business to support our family, while we continue to grow our family ministry. What God Has Done In May 2011, all I knew was that Tricia and I [...]

Spreading Hope in the Midwest


I have done very little traveling in my life, but as I get older, my desire to see the United States deepens.  Yet another blessing of doing what we do is that I’m getting to travel.  Several days ago, we embarked on our first extended road trip to the Midwest.  We packed our bags, said [...]

Infinite Wisdom

February 19, 2003: Eli at Children's Hospital

John and I are in the process of writing a book to share what God has done in our lives.  I was looking back over the website updates that we had posted in 2003 during the first days and months following Eli’s accident.  On Day 14 we posted the following message that was sent to [...]

Laura K Interviews Eli

022713 Laura K and Eli

Laura K is a singer and songwriter who has mentored Eli in many ways, including co-writing the songs on his CD.   You can read her blog at SimplyLauraK.com and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Laura thought it would be cool to interview Eli.  She was right…               [...]

You Are Invited!

Limited Seats Remaining A Special Evening for Friends of Eli Saturday, March 23rd @ 6:00pm Dinner | Worship | Inspiration – Enjoy a delicious dinner – Worship with Eli Tiller and other talented artists – Be inspired as the Tiller Family shares how God is using their ministry to spread Hope across the nation, and learn [...]

Field Trip to a Television Studio

I went on a field trip today to CBS6 News to be on TV  I got up at 5:00 am because we had to leave at 6:30 am.  We were going to be on a live TV show called, “Virginia This Morning”.  When we left the house, it was still dark and really freezing outside.  [...]

One Sunday, Double the Blessing

On Sunday, John, Eli, and I hit the road for our first family events of 2013.  I was a little bit apprehensive, but only because it had been several weeks since our last event.  If God taught me anything last year, it is that He is with us wherever we go.  So, in the back [...]

The Empty Playroom

This week marks the tenth anniversary of Eli’s accident.  January 9, 2003 was the day that changed everything for our family.  One of my clearest memories of the last ten years is of the Empty Playroom.                 Eli’s playroom was the main feature of the new home we [...]