Our Texas Trip by Eli Tiller

When we went to Texas we flew on a plane.  I have ridden on a plane before to Disney World three times!  We also went through security and that was no fun. Since I was in a wheelchair, they had to hand check me just to make sure I was all good for the plane ride.  We left from Richmond and flew into Dallas.  Then we got a rental car at the airport. We drove to LaQuinta Inn and Suites.  It was located in Bridgeport, Texas and it was very nice.  We also had dinner at Prontos Italian Restaurant.  We met Pastor BJ and his wife and family, and their friends, Chuck and Lissa.  Mom and I had half Canadian bacon and sausage and half pepperoni pizza and some REALLY yummy bread.  That pizza was so YUMMY that we decided to go back again another time while we were still in Texas.

On Sunday morning we went downstairs to eat breakfast.  Boy, I wish we could go back to Texas again because their breakfast was YUMMY!!!!  After that we got ready and went to Grace Fellowship. On our way there we saw a cow pasture. When we came in the door of the church I smelled some fresh baked cookies!!!!  I wanted to get two but my mom said I could only have one.  So I did.  Then we did the tech. run and practiced.  After that we prayed and did two services.  During my song, “I Will Rise”, people stood up and worshipped.  After the services we met people and people wanted their picture with me.  One little girl even brought me another cookie!  Some people even asked for my autograph!  Then we went to Rock City with Pastor BJ and his friends.  Rock City is a yummy burger restaurant.  And then we went back to the hotel for some rest.

On Monday, Chuck and Lissa invited us to their ranch. It was a long driveway.  They also had a HUGE ranch!!!!  That day was nice but very HOT!  I got to ride on a horse named Kazmann.  It felt kind of odd riding Kazmann but once I got used to it everything felt okay. Kazmann also hit a big green ball with her head.  We also met cowboys.  One of the cowboys went along with us and his name was Adam.  He had a dog named Cooper.  He showed us how the dog worked the cattle. Then we took a tour of the ranch and made lots of new friends.

After that we stopped for snacks and then drove to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  When we got to the Stockyards I got my picture taken with a longhorn.  I’d never heard of a longhorn before that.  We also went shopping and I got a stuffed horse.  We walked through stables and saw horses.  Then we saw the cattle drive.  It was kind of like a parade. We watched from the side of the road.

On our last day we packed up at the hotel and drove to the big city of Dallas. We went into Hard Rock Café’ for some lunch.  Then we went to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza where John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963.  After that we went to the airport and had dinner. Mom went shopping and found a Tie-dye Monkey.  She came over and said to me, “Hey Eli, I found a Tie-dye Monkey that I think you’d enjoy, so come on over to the store with me and you can decide there.”  I said, “OK!”  She was right and I got the monkey.  Our flight got delayed though so we didn’t get home until 2 am. But that was fine because I slept on the plane.  After we came home we went to sleep and had a good night.

My Texas adventure was awesome!  I made new friends.  I got to see a real ranch.  I saw horses and a cattle drive.  I learned about John F. Kennedy and got to fly on a plane.  I can’t wait to go back to Texas again!


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  • http://www.kellycombs.com/ Kelly Combs

    Great post Eli! I love pizza, and who doesn’t love cookies? It sounds like you had a great trip. I love that everyone was worshipping along with you while you sang. I’ve never been to Texas, but I learned alot from you, and hope to go there one day.

  • Rev Kev

    Well Eli… i’ve heard it said that they do Texas in a big way… big horses, longhorns, and very big guitars… what do we expect from our big, BIG, God!!!

    • ElijahTiller

      Those horses were awesome! I was kind of nervous getting toward a longhorn but once I heard that he wasn’t going to kill me, everything was fine.

  • Debbie Hazzard

    Nice job on the post, Eli! As I read your story, I could just picture everything in my mind.

  • Tracey Dean

    I I know you had an amazing time and I know for sure that your story touched so many lives!!!!! Welcome home :-)

  • Kamee

    Eli, I am so glad you enjoyed Texas! We loved hearing you and your singing was so inspirational! Thank you and your family for coming to GF and sharing your incredible story with us! Your sharing was a blessing to me and my family!

    • ElijahTiller

      Thank you!

  • David Hawk

    Thanks for sharing with us your trip to Texas. I feel like I was along with you the way you described what you did in great detail. My mouth started to water over the yummy pizza you talked about. I thank God for you and your parents as y’all share what God is doing in your life. Thanks little buddy for sharing. David Hawk

    • ElijahTiller

      The best part of being there is we got to eat pizza three times!!! It was yummy! Can’t wait to hopefully see you again soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/velvet.oberg Velvet Lynn Oberg

    very sweet… so glad you enjoyed your Texas visit. You have a beautiful voice and I enjoyed listening to you sing.