Just Released! Eli’s Debut CD: Nothing Is Impossible

Eli has loved music all of his life.  He loves to sing country music and worship music.  We have received countless testimonials that he inspires people when he sings.  Over the past few years he’s been writing lyrics to his own original songs.  Today we are releasing his debut CD (actually three-song EP) of original songs: Nothing Is Impossible!  You can listen to it using the player below.  You can also find it on iTunes and most other music services.


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Here are the awesome stories of how his lyrics became recorded music and the special meaning behind the title track Nothing Is Impossible:


The Writing, Producing, and Recording Miracle

On December 8th, 2011, I attended a leadership conference hosted by Mark Batterson and I was thinking about the many great things Mark shared, including the concept One God Idea is Greater Than 1000 Good Ideas.  As I was driving I-95 South from Washington to Richmond my thoughts returned to the stress that I had carried with me to conference.  Six months earlier I had left my business career so that my wife, Tricia, and I could share Eli and our story to help others.  God was using our story, especially Eli’s singing, to change the lives of the people we were reaching.  But I was growing impatient that we were not reaching enough people.   I was worrying that our ministry would fail before it really got started because I could not figure out how to distribute Eli’s music and message.

While driving, I sensed God’s voice remind me, like a loving father’s gentle reprimand: When you are ready for me to take over, you just let me know.”   Bam!  Guilty as charged.  Even though I knew that we would have to fully rely on God for this ministry to succeed, I was back to trying to figure it all out with my great wisdom, instead of consistently praying for God to show me what he wanted me to do. “OK, God,” I said, “Message delivered.  Message received.  It’s yours.”  An amazing thing happened.  I felt a supernatural relief to my problems.  I just knew that God was going to take over and everything was going to be OK.  Well, it took Him two hours.

My next stop was a small Christmas worship service near our home.  Eli sang Chris Tomlin’s I Will Rise during the service.  Afterward, a lady playing guitar that night came up to me and said, “Hey, you’re Eli’s dad, right?”  I acknowledged and she said, “He sang beautifully tonight!  You may not know me, but I’m Laura K and I’m a professionally trained songwriter and musician.  While Eli was singing God told me to write a song for him.  And also, the guy playing next to me is Marco Guarino.  He owns the studio where I’m currently recording my second CD.  I talked to him about it and we want to donate our time to record a song for Eli.”  With tears in my eyes, I prayed quietly: “OK, God.  I get it.  Thank you!”

Laura and Marco didn’t even know that Eli had written any lyrics or that we have a family ministry!  They just knew that Eli’s voice would minister to many people and they wanted to be a part of it.  In the end, they fully DONATED their time, talent, and studio resources to create ALL THREE songs for Eli!  They also introduced us to Dillon Hinkle who donated his time to play some awesome guitar tracks on God, You Are Our King (Eli’s favorite song on the EP).


The Special Meaning of NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

Eli and Laura K wrote the songs later in December 2011.  We had no idea at the time that he was beginning a slow and steady decline in his recovery process.  The words to the song Nothing Is Impossible have come to have a very special meaning.

Several weeks ago, we received tough news from doctors that throughout Eli’s teenage years we could expect continued setbacks in his growth and recovery from his brain injury.  At the time, Eli had reverted to being mostly confined to his wheelchair and we didn’t know if he would ever again be able to transport himself without it.  It was the most devastating news we had received since his original accident.

We worked hard and we prayed hard.  Many of you prayed with us as we re-initiated complete evaluations and new treatment protocols by all disciplines of medicine and therapy.  We took him for several visits to his neurosurgeon, neurologist, physical therapist, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, and even a new neuro-chiropractor.   He has completed daily physical therapy sessions, started using new ankle and foot braces, started new anti-seizure medicine, and had neurosurgery.

God answered our prayers.   Eli’s making significant progress and has almost returned to his peak progress level where he was last year.

There is still much to be done.  But this we know … Nothing Is Impossible

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  • Glenda

    Awesome! What an inspiration!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pamela.voss Pamela Voss

    What a powerful ministry! I am blessed by your amazing little boy!

    • http://TillerFamily.org/ John Tiller

      Thanks, Pamela!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pamela.voss Pamela Voss

    This amazing family goes to PCC and I have been blessed to hear Eli sing. I’m sure the CD will do wonderful things for God!

  • Ssnowa

    We love hearing this sweet voice! Thanks, Eli, for sharing with us your love for our Awesome God! Many blessings to you and your family.

    • http://TillerFamily.org/ John Tiller

      Thank you, Susan!!

  • Slawson7

    Everytime I hear Eli sing & see his sweet face, I feel as if I am in the presence of an angel. He is such an inspiration to me and countless others!!! Keep singing Eli….you are AWESOME!!!!

  • Jane and John Basinger

    Your debut CD is genuinely inspiring. You have an awesome voice! Thanks for sharing with us God’s gift of music to you. Jane and John

  • Christy Jones

    AAWESOME is an under statement, Eli you totally rocked that debut! So proudI of you!! You are such an inspiration and Brae (our 21month old daughter) loves to sing along with you :) Keep singing, and with God…all things are possible. Much love. Christy

  • Rebecca Peterson

    Just read your above entry~I haven’t listened to any of the songs, yet, but you must know Mr. Tiller, you also have a way with words. I sat through the testimony at the Paradise, Texas church today. You presented the testimony of this experience w/words of wisdom. The precious message and voice of your son was deeply moving. This had to have brought life to any heart of stone. Bless you guys in this ministry as God takes you to heights you’ve never imagined possible, ever…Many lives will be saved. Praise our Good God!

    ps, I stole a couple of your lines btw.

    pss, I will be listening to the 3 new songs that Eli has recorded, and those he will record in the near future…You named him accordingly. Eli is teaching us to listen to God’s voice, to say, ” Speak Lord, thy servant heareth”…….(Eli to Samuel)