John Returns to Real Estate While Tiller Family Ministries Grows

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Almost two years ago, God called me to leave my real estate business and launch Tiller Family Ministries.  Now it’s time to return to my real estate business to support our family, while we continue to grow our family ministry.

What God Has Done

In May 2011, all I knew was that Tricia and I were supposed to share Eli and our story with anyone in the world who would listen. With God’s provision and supernatural direction, we have now spoken to thousands of people at over sixty live events; and thousands more through internet, radio and television.

There’s never a dry eye in the house when Eli sings. He’s a testimony to what God can do, even through the most difficult circumstances.  We’ve received hundreds of testimonies of how our story has helped people. Here are just a few:

  • After our very first event a lady grabbed my hand and, through her tears, she said, “I lost my only son eight years ago. Tonight you helped me more than anyone else has been able to in the past eight years.”
  • A man in a wheelchair could finally forgive God for allowing his pain, and could finally forgive himself for climbing on that ladder.
  • A lady was considering suicide because her husband of twenty years abandoned her without notice. But now she knows that she will make it through with God’s help.
  • A lady tattooed on her ankle our message mantra “Burn The Ships” as a reminder that God will never leave her.
  • A 15-year-old with cancer says that Eli is a model of how he wants to live his life.
  • A successful businessman who suffered a brain injury as a child was overcome by our story. Through a river of tears, he said that hearing our story made him realize just how much his parents sacrificed for him to succeed.

There are countless others who have shared that they have found greater purpose for their own lives because we have taken the risk of sharing our story.

An Exciting Future

We are continuing to travel locally and across the country sharing our story of Hope.  Our big project this year is finishing our book, I Will Rise, to be published in 2014.

Last month, we held our inaugural Friends of Eli event where we enjoyed a great night of dinner and worship with about 100 of our closest supporters, including some of Eli’s most inspiring friends and their families, including Micah and his mom pictured here.

That night I shared a quote by my friend and pastor, Brian Hughes, from his upcoming book, Un-Broken:

There are two types of people. Those who are broken and they know it; and those who are broken and they don’t.”

The mission of Tiller Family Ministries is To Bring Hope to The Broken.  The “Hope” is Jesus Christ. “The Broken” is everyone.

We will accomplish our mission by continuing to speak and write about our inspirational story AND by using our platform to break down access barriers for special needs kids and their families.

We’re extremely grateful for those of you who have sacrificed your time, energy, and finances to support our mission.  If you haven’t joined us yet, check out this link to learn about ways you can help.

The past two years have taught me that with God’s help and the support of friends, Nothing Is Impossible.   Many people have asked, “John, how will you find time to grow Tiller Family Ministries while re-starting your real estate sales business?”  It’s a valid question.

Whenever it gets hard, I’ll do what I’ve done every time that I’ve wanted to quit over the last two years.  I’ll just read one or two of the hundreds of testimonies like those above.  Then, I’ll ask myself, “How could I NOT make the time to share our unique story that God is using to bring Hope to the Broken?”

Question:  How can God use your story?  You may leave a comment, by clicking here.


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  • Jeanette Brannan

    John and Tricia,
    As God has done for you in the past, He will continue, as you know, to direct you and provide in ways beyond expectation for you to care for your family while reaching others through Tiller Family Ministries. I’ll be praying that this transition will be a bridge to even greater opportunities for your family and for service for the Lord.

    • Tricia Tiller

      Thank you so much, Jeanette!

  • Randy Caldwell

    John, Tricia & Eli,
    I am Randy Caldwell. My dear friend Charlie Towler introduced me to you family ministry. My family is steward of Rockahock Campgrounds in Lanexa Va. A couple of years ago God decided we needed a new direction in our lives and in his campground. God spoke, we listened and today we are seeking his will in our lives and trying to obey His instructions.
    Last year, we started our Faith, Family and Fellowship week at Rockahock. It was the first faith based event sponsored by our team. The leadership of Journey Christian Fellowship Church, in New Kent Co., extended an invitation to us to provide spiritual guidance and we accepted gladly. Today, JCF Church, utilizes our “RockaDome” facility for Sunday and Wednesday services and we have been blessed beyond expression.
    On Sunday, August 11th, 2013 we will begin our 2nd Annual FFF Week at Rockahock. It would be our great honor to have the Tiller Family Ministries be a part of our weeklong celebration in Christ. JCF Church sponsors our VBS for children of all ages from Monday (8/12 – 8/16) thru Friday. Men’s and Women’s Bible Study groups are offered each morning, as well as, a combined session for Men and Women each afternoon. Every evening we have a special message in Music and God’s Word after our family picnic dinner. This year we are especially thankful to have evangelist Neal Hatfield of Uplands Reach Ministries bring our evening messages on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.
    I look forward to meeting your family.
    In Christ, Randy Caldwell

  • Sean Nisil

    Thank you for your transparency and story of faith. Your story brings hope and light to all who hear it. Blessings to you and your family!