Eli’s Story on Television

Being on TV.  Some people desire it.  Some people live for it.

We didn’t want it.  We didn’t ask for it.  Every time it happens, it reminds us of the first time in 2003:  When the media camped outside the university hospital where Eli lay unconscious, as we begged God to save the life of our three-year-old son.

Almost immediately, we realized that God could and would use media coverage for good.  Shortly after the accident we released a statement that included a plea to pray for our son.  We didn’t really expect that our request would make it to the airwaves.  But it did.  Verbatim.  People prayed.  And God saved our son.

Our ongoing story has been shared several times over the past ten years in the media.   Most of the reporters took a genuine interest in Eli and have honored our family.

A few weeks ago, WRIC TV-8′s cameraman/videographer Ben Arnold and investigative reporter A.J. Lagoe did an awesome job telling Eli’s Story.  They gave their hard work, skill and creativity to produce a seven-minute clip that tells our story better than we do.  This segment recently aired as a feature on the local ABC news station and was re-aired on PBS stations throughout Virginia.

Take a look at the story, feel free to share, and please keep praying for Eli’s recovery!



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  • http://www.kellycombs.com/ Kelly Combs

    What a great report! Your story always moves me. I am so thankful that the media shared Eli’s words, God’s word – Nothing is impossible with God. Amen!

    • http://TillerFamily.org/ John Tiller

      Thank you, Kelly. I’m so glad that they shared his words too!

  • Kevin Ahearn

    John, What an inspiration! Thank you!

  • Robert Martin

    Wow! I just love that little guy. I hope to see him and his wonderful parents soon.

  • Else

    What a blessing Eli is. He is a miracle! Thank you for shring your story of FAITH and HOPE. Eli is also very blessed to have both his parents by his side.

  • Norma Martin

    I just love you all. Eli is just a hero to me. I’m glad i was able to see him at my church ( Grace Fellowship in Paradise). He really makes your eyes open wide. Gods work being done through a wonderful child.

    • http://TillerFamily.org/ John Tiller

      Hi Norma,
      Thanks for the kind words. We loved our visit to Grace and hope to come back soon!

  • lacey

    Eli you are truly a blessing. I thought I stumbled across this site, but after listening to your to your video and songs, I now know that God was leading me to a moment of reminders… God is God and nothing is impossible with Him. I will spare my story but just want to thank you for allowing God to use you. You are truly a gift from God. My prayers are with you. Stay on the journey that God has plotted for you, and you will see great things continue in you life. Love and Prayers Always