Ballgame, Birthday, and Bowling!


Since Eli is having surgery next weekend and his birthday is on September 10th, we had his party a little early this year.  Birthday parties are always a highlight of his year and he has been planning this one for some time.  In his mind, April is not too soon to start planning a September birthday party!  He doesn’t ask for much,  he just wants to make sure it includes certain key elements.  You know, like pizza and cake!

We began our Saturday with an early ball game at the Miracle League field.  It was the Fall Season opener and we had a very special treat.  Military personnel from all over the country, who are currently training at Fort Lee, Va, came to be buddies for all of the players!  There were so many that most players had TWO buddies!

As we arrived at the field and Eli saw all of the buddies, he said, “Oh good!  So I get to have a REAL buddy?!”  Sometimes I end up being his buddy if there is a buddy shortage, which apparently is not his idea of a “real” buddy.  He had a blast with his two buddies and even had some fun playing ball in between his social time!

After the game, we picked up Eli’s Uncle Chris, and then headed to the bowling alley where we met the rest of the family for the birthday party.  Eli is the Wii bowling champion here at home, and he hopes to be just as good at the bowling alley someday.

We bowled, ate pizza, bowled some more, ate cake and ice cream, and opened presents.  We all had a great time!

Thank you to those who have left messages of encouragement for Eli after reading our previous post.  Keep ‘em coming!  I can’t wait to share all of them with him during his surgery on Saturday!  It’s really going to be a blessing!


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