Autumn Whirlwind

In my mind, I’ve been writing posts for weeks now.  We’ve had so much going on that I want to share!  Unfortunately, it never made it from my mind to the website.  So, rather than writing a 5 page monster of a blog, I’m going to hit the highlights of the last month or so.

Our little home school is open for business.  Eli is learning new things and so am I.  It’s been difficult getting into a good routine because our schedule has been so varied.  Eli and I are both learning how to cope with that.  Reading comprehension is still our greatest challenge, due in part to short-term memory issues.  A friend gave me some great ideas that I can’t wait to try out!

We continue to have many doctor and therapy appointments.  In addition to physical therapy, Eli continues to see a neurologist to monitor his seizures, a neuro-chiropractor for brain therapy, and now we have begun the journey into orthodontics.  Boo Hiss.  We recently learned about a brain-injury treatment being offered by a doctor in Washington D.C. that we are prayerfully considering.  It seems very promising.

Ministry events have been phenomenal!  God continues to use our story to draw people closer to Him.  It never ceases to amaze me.  We had our first multi-day event at a revival at Oakland Baptist Church in Gum Spring, VA.  It began on Sunday morning and was held each evening through Wednesday.  John spoke twice and I spoke once!  Eli got to sing some of his original songs in addition to “I Will Rise.”  We met some incredibly nice people and were truly blessed.  They even had a birthday celebration for us the last evening as we had all had our birthdays that week!  The following week, we spoke to the Joyful Seniors at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  What a sweet, sweet group of folks.  The following weekend we had the time of our lives at Grace Fellowship Church in Paradise, Texas!  After the services there, we talked to so many people who were moved by our story.  Lives being changed.  God is so good!


If you’ve seen Eli recently, then you must know that he is now a TEENAGER!  Yikes!  At our church, he’s moved up to the youth group for 7th-12th graders.  He meets with a small group weekly made up of just 7th and 8th graders.  I can’t ignore the fact that he is smaller than his peers when I drop him off at youth group.  It was a frightening experience for me.  He walked into the room and I kind of lingered making sure he was o.k.  Realizing I hadn’t left yet, he turned around and said, “See ya!”  Not in an annoyed way, but just his usual, “life is good” kind of way.  Sigh.  One awesome answer to prayer is that he is making new friends.  He has had a couple of “hang out times” with them already.  That’s what teenagers do, I’m told.  They hang out.

One of the greatest blessings we’ve experienced while visiting many different churches, is getting to see first-hand how we really are part of one great big body of believers.  We’ve been welcomed and made to feel like family everywhere we go.  But we also love coming home to our friends here in Powhatan at PCC.  Last weekend, our church celebrated it’s 10th birthday with a fantastic worship event!  It was awesome.  Eli was asked to sing his song, “We Belong In Heaven” at the service.  He was excited to be involved!  At practice, he was in the front row watching until it was time for his turn.  The band and worship team started into the super-upbeat “Lord, You are Good!”  Eli stood up and was worshiping right along with them.  One of the singers, Kevin, invited Eli to join them on stage for that song.  Eli was thrilled beyond belief!  That’s all he could talk about for the next several days until the celebration.  He had the time of his life that night, and so did I!  I love my church!

We’re hoping to get these updates out more frequently, and we are making progress on the book we are writing.  Your prayers are so appreciated!  I am not used to this fast-pace that our lives are currently moving, but I’m trusting God to help me figure out how to manage it.  Sometimes I tell Eli, “I don’t know what we’re doing next, I’m just following your daddy.”  Some days all I can do is try to keep up.  But I’m also growing and experiencing more in a short period of time than I have in years.  As long as we’re following where God leads us, He will sustain us.  Thank you for praying.

We’re also very thankful for your financial donations.  We could not do this without your help.  Words cannot fully express our gratitude.  May God bless you indeed!

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  • Susan Ragsdale Lloyd

    don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when eli sang on stage sunday!

  • Jeannie Pino

    The celebration service was awesome from start to finish, but Eli stole the show, and, as always, he stole my heart! He’s my hero.

    • Tricia Tiller

      Jeannie, I’m so glad you were there!