John Returns to Real Estate While Tiller Family Ministries Grows

1-Speaking - JT2

Almost two years ago, God called me to leave my real estate business and launch Tiller Family Ministries.  Now it’s time to return to my real estate business to support our family, while we continue to grow our family ministry. What God Has Done In May 2011, all I knew was that Tricia and I [...]

The Empty Playroom

This week marks the tenth anniversary of Eli’s accident.  January 9, 2003 was the day that changed everything for our family.  One of my clearest memories of the last ten years is of the Empty Playroom.                 Eli’s playroom was the main feature of the new home we [...]

Hometown Heroes

Hero – noun – A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.  ( Eli was designated a “hometown hero” by our local Christmas parade organizers and was asked to lead the parade last Saturday with one of our heroes. Photo Courtesy of Gina @ Essex Bank (the parade’s [...]

Eli’s Story on Television

Being on TV.  Some people desire it.  Some people live for it. We didn’t want it.  We didn’t ask for it.  Every time it happens, it reminds us of the first time in 2003:  When the media camped outside the university hospital where Eli lay unconscious, as we begged God to save the life of [...]

Just Released! Eli’s Debut CD: Nothing Is Impossible

Eli has loved music all of his life.  He loves to sing country music and worship music.  We have received countless testimonials that he inspires people when he sings.  Over the past few years he’s been writing lyrics to his own original songs.  Today we are releasing his debut CD (actually three-song EP) of original [...]

5 Ways To Show Up and Give Up

This weekend I was privileged to deliver the message at my home church, PCC, during a series called Close Encounters.   I shared an account of how the Jesus feeding the 5000 might have looked from the perspective of the boy whose meal He used to perform this miracle.  From this story, I encouraged folks that [...]

Brain Surgery Tomorrow – Pushing Through Fear

On Friday, Eli will have neurosurgery to repair the shunt placed after his accident almost ten years ago. Assuming that the surgery goes well, the worst-case outcome will be that we avoid major problems in the future.  The best-case outcome will be that Eli’s recent setbacks get resolved. We’ve blogged about the surgery, spoken publicly [...]

A Tattoo and a Kickstart (One-Year Update)

One year ago I left my real estate career so that our family could pursue the ministry of sharing our son, Eli, and our extraordinary story to help others overcome their past and present challenges and discover new purpose in their own lives.  Since then, we have been privileged to share our core message, Burn [...]

Nothing Is Impossible: Tough News & Eli’s New Song

It’s been a very difficult few weeks for our family.  We have been surprised by negative, unexpected developments in Eli’s recovery process.  Eli has been recovering from the accident for almost ten years now.  He has worked hard and we have also seen dramatic improvements, but he still has significant symptoms from the resulting brain injury. [...]

The Last Shall Be First

Last month my twelve-year-old son, Eli, raced in his sixth and final one-mile Kids Run (for those ages five to twelve) in Richmond, VA.  Immediately afterwards my wife, Tricia, and I will ran one of the most popular races in the country, the Monument Avenue 10k.  Over 1200 children ran the Kids Run and over [...]