Our Story (Video)

Eli Tiller was born perfectly healthy.  On January 9, 2003, at three-years-old, Eli pushed out the protective screen of his second story playroom window at his home in Powhatan, Virginia.  He fell 13 feet head-first to the asphalt driveway below cracking his skull and permanently destroying parts of his brain.  His mother discovered him moments later unconscious, bleeding and barely breathing.  He was med-flighted to the hospital where he remained comatose for three weeks while doctors could not tell his parents if he would survive.  After 12 weeks of inpatient treatment and many years of outpatient and intensive home-based therapy, Eli is still recovering.  He has been challenged with re-learning every basic human function from speech to mobility.

Today, Eli is not like other kids his age.  His brain processing, sight, and physical ability are limited.  Despite his disability, his smile, singing, and infectious attitude are inspiring people everywhere!

Now John and Tricia Tiller are speaking and writing to share the lessons they have learned through this unthinkable tragedy.  They are also sharing Eli, an authentic example of how God brings new life and purpose! 


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