About John

I am John Tiller, more widely known as “Eli’s Dad” (and I love that!).  I am also proud to be Tricia’s husband.  My family has been on a journey that includes a tragic, life-threatening accident that left my only child with a severe brain injury.  We did not desire or plan for a life with disability, though it has resulted in a full-time ministry to help others find new life and purpose despite their circumstances.  Our family writes and travels to share the miracle that Eli (born in 1999) has become and speak about important lessons that we have learned through personal tragedy.


What I Do (and what I write about on this blog)

I am the primary writer, speaker and leader of our family ministry.  You’ll mostly see me write about Faith and Family here.  Our family story  continues to evolve as we learn what it’s like to LIVE life with disability and commit ourselves to helping others through their circumstances.


Where I Like To Give

I love announcing games for the Miracle League where Eli and some of his coolest friends play baseball!  I also enjoy helping out at my home church where the people who are untouched or unaffected by traditional church have an opportunity to check out Jesus in a safe environment on their terms.  I’m privileged to be a part of the Teaching Team there.


Other Stuff I Do

I still own the local real estate brokerage franchise that I opened in 2005.  I also spend a little time investing in real estate.  I like NASCAR and the NFL.  I like camping – not real camping, RV camping, because my idea of roughing it is a hotel without a swimming pool!  I’m learning to like running: Tricia and Eli inspired me to start running over the last several years and I plan to run my first half-marathon this year.


My Purpose

I believe John Maxwell when he says that “Everything rises and falls on leadership”.  We all get to choose if we will accept the responsibility to lead others.  I believe that if we do, the world will look a little more like heaven.

My personal passion (and my purpose) is to develop leaders for Christ.  I believe that God sent Jesus Christ as the ultimate solution for every problem we have.  I hope that doesn’t offend you.  Though, I hope it will cause you to ask more questions about why I have staked my life on it.

How to Contact Me

You can connect with me on FacebookTwitter, or Email.

I still use the phone too, so feel free to call me at 804.592.1075.  You’ll probably get my voice mail, which will be transcribed to text like my FB and Twitter DMs, but I’ll call you back, if you want me to.

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  • bpgagirl22

    John, Tricia and Eli: I don’t know if you remember me at all but I went to church for a little while @ Christ Church of Our Savior on Stigall Drive. I also was able to come to the Koger (I think that’s where I saw you all) Center and see little Eli when he was there shortly after his fall. In fact, now that I think of it, I think he was around 3 1/2, 4 yrs. of age. He was still in his stroller and was improving every day. He looks AWESOME now! Way go to Eli! Soooooo glad he’s improving every day. Been praying for Jesus’ healing grace and love for him and ya’ll. Keep gettin’ better Eli, honey, we’re all pulling for you! Mrs. Barbara P. Turner – formerly of Christ Church of Our Savior.