5 Ways To Show Up and Give Up

This weekend I was privileged to deliver the message at my home church, PCC, during a series called Close Encounters.   I shared an account of how the Jesus feeding the 5000 might have looked from the perspective of the boy whose meal He used to perform this miracle.  From this story, I encouraged folks that [...]

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, the day before the neurosurgery, was busy for all three of us.  I hadn’t planned it that way, but I was glad for it.  It gave me less time to worry.  John had office work and an afternoon meeting.  I worked with Eli doing some last minute physical therapy and I rushed around the [...]

Brain Surgery Tomorrow – Pushing Through Fear

On Friday, Eli will have neurosurgery to repair the shunt placed after his accident almost ten years ago. Assuming that the surgery goes well, the worst-case outcome will be that we avoid major problems in the future.  The best-case outcome will be that Eli’s recent setbacks get resolved. We’ve blogged about the surgery, spoken publicly [...]

A Tattoo and a Kickstart (One-Year Update)

One year ago I left my real estate career so that our family could pursue the ministry of sharing our son, Eli, and our extraordinary story to help others overcome their past and present challenges and discover new purpose in their own lives.  Since then, we have been privileged to share our core message, Burn [...]

Next Step: Neurosurgery – Not Your Everyday Plumbing Job

I’m going to begin with a disclaimer.  If you have no interest in the medical details, then you probably won’t be interested in the majority of this post.  So, I will just ask you to pray for us as Eli will be having surgery on July 13.  It’s somewhat routine, at least as far as [...]